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Publisher’s Article September

FONTANA CA — This article is to remind all of us to take notice, evaluate and stop if you’re one of those that are driving too fast. I witness on a daily basis people running red lights, and making their own rules while driving, everyday all day is rush hour. People are driving too fast, please don’t allow drivers to push you down the freeway to drive faster than you feel is safe for you. It’s much easier to pull over to the slower lanes and remain calm. Proving Your Point and not moving over is not worth it.

Proving A Point today when people are rushing, texting, talking on their cellphone, fast food eating, putting on makeup, men shaving, people quarreling, under the influence of drugs, angry about something, stressed to the max, on the freeway with phobia of driving, shooting at people, interacting in road rage and having freeway frenzy high pursuits the safest thing in my opinion is using ones common sense rather than trying to Prove Ones Point!

I am sharing my personal situation in hopes of helping anybody that is determined to prove their point.

Years ago, I was much younger and traffic wasn’t as bad as it is today, but I was trying to Prove My Point and this is a real situation that happened to me. I was in the fast lane on the 10 freeway going to Los Angeles to have Shirley Caesar, my favorite gospel singer sign an album that I had purchased.

I was so excited because I was going to meet her and also have her signature on my album. I was sailing down the freeway in the fast lane going the fast speed limit, as I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw flashing headlights asking me to pull over so they could pass and go faster.

Well, I took an attitude and would not pull over because I was going the speed limit and they weren’t going to make me go any faster. Yes, I was being stubborn and I said to myself “if you want to go faster than go around me.” Let me tell you, “that didn’t happen, what happened was that individual pulled right up to the bumper of my car and started pushing me down the freeway going as fast as fast could go and we went flying!” I was terrified! I had my young 8 year old daughter Stephanie with me. I was being pushed so fast that I even passed a Highway Patrolmen that was giving someone a ticket. They couldn’t help. They probably didn’t even see what was happening to me because they were concentrating on writing up the ticket.

As I was being pushed faster and faster as we were flying, an ideal finally came into my mind. I shouted to my daughter to crawl into the back seat and write down the license plate of the car, so she crawled back there and was trying but couldn’t really see because it was evening and getting darker by the moment plus she was so frightened, she shouted “mama, I can’t see it,” I shouted back to her to pretend she could see it, I told her to just keep writing, well the person thought she had gotten their license plate number and didn’t want to be caught for what they did to me. This individual then turned their headlights off and immediately got off at the very next exit of the freeway.

Oh My God! I was so nervous I couldn’t hardly drive, so I exited off the freeway knowing that the Temple City Sheriff Department was nearby. They took a report, I was shaking so much that I couldn’t hardly talk without crying. The numbers written by my daughter was all scrambled. The officers comforted us, telling me maybe someone witnessed what had happened to me and would call it in. To tell you the truth I can’t remember if I went on to Los Angeles or went home, but I can still remember how happy and thankful I was that my daughter and I were safe!

So, to all my readers, family and friends I am sharing all this with you because it does not make sense to do anything that will jeopardize your life and or the safety of you and your loved ones and trying to Prove Your Point is NOT worth it! Road rages and shootings are real today! Let’s all think before we get on the road and think calmness first, safety and then yielding to those who would cause you to not drive responsibly.

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