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107 Years Old Living Good

Friends, age is a state of mind. Well, it’s not  para que es el neurontin 300 mg entirely a state of mind things do change with age regardless of the youthful spirit within. However, we believe nurturing that youthful spirit can do wonders for body and soul. If you need proof of that, here’s a story about a 107-year-old Joe Newman.  He drives and will be tooling around Florida in his red two-seater Mercedes SLK 320.

Yes, Mr. Newman is 107 years old and is still on the road. And why shouldn’t he be?  His skills, experience in driving is more in tune with motoring life than many inattentive commuters rushing about their daily chores while juggling a cell phone and food. He was born in Illinois one year after the Titanic sank. He lived through two world wars, and with his late wife Sophie helped shape programs for developmentally disabled people. Eventually, he decided to expand his life of helping others by running for Congress … at age 101.

What’s his secret of perpetual youth? Newman says keeping busy both physically and mentally is the key. Owning a red convertible might help as well; he reportedly bought the Merc off his doctor, and he’s apparently not shy when it comes to top-down cruising with his fiancée. That’s right, Newman is engaged to be married to a younger woman named Anita Sampson, and she seems just as active as he is despite turning 100 later this year. She doesn’t seem quite as fond of the car as he is, but we must admit they look like a great couple cruising in the sunshine.

We suspect more than a few people wonder if someone that old should be driving at all. Newman doesn’t appear to have any trouble behind the wheel, but he says regular testing for senior drivers should be required to make sure they’re up to the task of driving. As for him, his current license is good through 2022, and we hope he continues to enjoy that Mercedes  with his girl next to him for many years to come.


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