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Comments About Facebook – A Survey

Balsas UNITED STATES — A survey has been taken from several Facebook users. This survey was taken to assist those that have a lack of understanding or negative opinion about Facebook. This is the question addressed to Facebook users. “Hey Everybody, I need dialogue, what do you think a Facebook Friends really means?” The participants in some cases gave more information than was requested of them.

Their comments hopefully will enlighten someone to have a better understanding about Facebook. Technology is here to stay and it has given the world the means to travel all over the world, meet people all over the world and to find out more information than one can imagine (Connie) Networking and staying in touch with real friends and family.

(Monique) Facebook friends definitely have different levels there are some you just add because you know them from school or work with no expectation of real interaction but there is a second level of friends and family where you can stay connected through Facebook allowing you to keep in contact with family may it be due to distance or lack of time, also some of our friends may not be able to get out of the house and Facebook is there to connect us. Lonely?

So Facebook could help bring a little sunshine to their day and lift their spirits. The third level is networking whether it be for a real business or you just posting reviews or sharing your thoughts in social groups or brand pages. (Diane) Facebook is a way of staying in touch with friends and family.

I have been caring for my mother for the last 5 years and she passed away July 11th. Facebook, it helped me stay connected… You must watch what you say on it, but it is a way of sending out prayers, Congrats, Condolences, etc. Also being a business owner it is a good way to advertise. (Brenda) Excluding all that fake news I find Facebook very educational especially when it comes to Black History.

I’ve learned more about my Black History than taught to me in school. And most of all it keeps me in touch with my family and friends. Plus there’s all kind of information needed in our everyday lives. (Amos) Sometimes persons who just like one’s flow; Sometime you like the subject, activity, or cause they are on; Sometimes it’s all about the ministry shared.

Yet most importantly on Facebook a lot of being a Friend is, the Spirit confirming the spirit of the Friends. And many become Friends be it email, a phone call or gathering together at an event. Praise God for Facebook Friends. (Ray) First, make sure they are a real person!!!! (Selena) My opinion is that Facebook Friends are persons for the most part that connect through social media they are not truly friends in the intimate sense.

Persons who you may possibly like as far as their comments or lifestyle but there is no intimate connection outside of social media. Facebook friends are persons that you allow to peek into your life for one reason or another. I could go on and on, but will move over for someone else to speak. But let me close by saying one should not misunderstand true friends for Social Media followers.

Just one perspective. Can also be a way to connect with loved ones? (Deborah) Facebook Friend… I think it’s someone who is already a friend and really has a common interested in the things you’re doing in your life. So, by way of Facebook make it possible if a person can’t talk with you every day or physically see you they can at least tap into your page from time to time to see what you’re up to and when they get a chance to connect with you they’ll have some conversation to add with their update.

Remember that’s only if they accept your friendship, which created a chain reaction of how you link into more friends. What I think is super cool is when you run into someone who is a friend on your page that you ended up connecting with because you have mutual friends. It’s like heyyy your face is familiar waittt we’re Facebook Friends isn’t your name….so its first the name then the face and what happens you’ll eventually end up at a same event together and they’ll hear someone call your name and sayyy heyyy!! (Bryant) Well remember it’s just Facebook. And remember just like real life there are different kind of friends.

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