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Publisher’s Article June 2017

This month I would like to pose a question to all of my readers!  That question is what do you think it will take for all of us to enter into heaven and live the everlasting good life?  The reason I am writing this article is because I was looking at a television program and there was a discussion on different cultures and their interracial situations.  It was very interesting to listen to everyone’s opinion on the subject, so I have decided to give my opinion.   In their conversation someone stated “well, better get use to it because its here and there is nothing anyone can do about it.”  I agree because what they were addressing is a subject that is very dear to my heart.  Don’t get me wrong in my life I have been called the (N) word, refused the opportunity to purchase a house that I wanted so badly, denied a job due to the color of my skin, and other opportunities because of the color of my skin.  

    My mother shared many stories with me and my siblings of the harsh things that were done to our family in years past due to the color of our skin.   I can recall many times shaking my head and wonder why are people so hateful.  Yes, I know many things are still going on today and a change is got to come, but I have to always think about what is expected of me when it came to raising my children and now my grandchildren.   I have  always been very open minded because of how God created His world.  He created whomever He decided to create and to place them all in the world that He created.   

    I know there is more whys of why I am writing this article; and I think its because I just wanted to share what a beautiful family I have in hopes that it might change the minds of some that have a problem with certain races.  

    My family is very diverse as my son-in-love is Mexican, my daughter-in-love is Mexican, my sisters-in-love are Filipinos , my nieces are White; one of my international daughters is Chinese and the other one is Japanese and I am a mentor mom to my daughter from India.  I tell you I love and enjoy all of my family.  

    Life is easy if you can see everyone as God sees them.  I like to bring all of us back to the previous questions that I asked in the beginning of my article which was all going to heaven and living the good everlasting life.  There is much work to be done here on earth about getting alone and respecting each other as God has created us.  I do know for sure that Heaven will be full of everybody that pass the test of time, and that being loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

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