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dam YWCN — As publisher of Yes We Can Newspaper and upon meeting Major Lynette Jones I couldn’t wait to ask her if I could introduce her to the communities.   It’s such a privilege to know that we have Major Lynette Jones as one of our Military officers who has given of herself in making our country a better place.  I would like to thank Irene Mink for writing this article about Major Lynette Jones.

Major Lynette Jones, a resident of Fontana, is a prime example of a “YES WE CAN” personality.  She has served four tours of duty overseas: two in Iraq, one in Kuwait, and one in Afghanistan. She is currently a Support Operations Logistic Officer stationed at the 79th in Los Alamitos, CA.

Major Jones has an infectious sense of humor, greets each day with positivity and thankfulness to God, and serves as an example of what each of us can accomplish when we are guided by purposefulness and the desire to give and touch other people’s lives.

For the last nine years, Major Jones has successfully owned and operated her NEW DAY TALK RADIO and MEDIA CENTER in Gardena, Ca.  She broadcasts a multitude of programs, informing her audience on a variety of subjects.  She is always seeking out interesting people to interview or to host their own shows to inspire and educate viewers and listeners.

Most recently she has established H&L CUSTOM MADE CLOTHING in Inglewood, Ca.   A company that makes made to measure suits for men and women at affordable pricing.  She was inspired by her personal experience while serving in Afghanistan.

There she found joy in creating her own suit and jacket ideas in good fabrics at reasonable pricing.  She thought how wonderful it would be if one day she could duplicate a similar experience for her community, and she has brought that vision

to life.

Lynette is a twin.  Her father named his newborns Jeanette and Lynette.  Jeanette is the twin that found out that joining the Armed Forces would give them both the opportunity to expand their opportunities to travel and see the world. They have.

Lynette joined the Navy and had to learn to swim!  She was already an accomplished high school basketball player, golfer, and had learned to play two instruments:  the clarinet and the trombone.

Her love of music and performing were inspired by these early influences.  While she appreciated her Navy opportunity, Lynette decided that the Army would afford her a broader experience to grow into an officer so she joined ROTC.  Early on she declared her desire to become a General in her career future.  She continues to expand her military education so that she may one day attain her goal.

She works with her fellow Veteran community to empower women who may have felt defeated by their experiences.  In 2015 she held her first Female Veterans Talent Show with monetary prizes and a panel of celebrity judges. It was a fun and uplifting night with three top winners!

Most recently, Major Jones has decided that she wishes to become a Humorous Inspirational Speaker.  Those who know her leadership qualities understand her ability to organize, achieve and inspire. She gets the job done. She has the fire in her to inspire others.  “ARMY STRONG

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