We Will Not Let Unity and Hope Die

America is bigger than BIG, we are Americans and I personally feel it is time that we focus on Love, Unity and Hope and with that said, Hope will not DIE.   Some suggestions to what we can do for our country at large, with all of the Hating, Judging and Arguing, we have to pray and we have to love the pure Hell out of America.  I truly believe love is stronger than hate.

Everything is going on in our country the good, the bad and the ugly.  I am a believer and I do know that most people here in America are believers in God, but are we showing that to be true by our actions?  Let’s not forget that God created everybody and He places all the different cultures here to live and exist in His world.  I realize the good, the bad and the ugly has existed since the beginning of time, but I also know that the bad and the ugly never has won, when it came to God evaluating the situation.

The problem I see and know is the teaching within certain cultures have been created by the minds of men and not God, man have set themselves higher than they really are.  There is no culture better than another, and one day their cultures will find that they have made a big mistake.  The truth will never change in the eyesight of God, Israel is His heart, the rest of us He loves also and has given us the opportunity to love Him back!   My suggestion to mankind is, why not look into how you stand with Him now rather than wait and see and find oneself in and then it’s too late.

Hate is damaging to the mind, body and soul of any man.  If you want peace among all men it’s not going to happen, because hating will only give a false sense of peace, joy and happiness.   Regardless of what is going on in America we have to keep our cool and don’t fall into a web that we can’t get out of.

I can remember when 9/11 happened, everybody in America came together.  It was a time when American came together, understanding the pain and suffering that our fellow neighbors were experiencing from the loss of their love ones and friends.  It was a time when I personally prayed daily and reflected on all of the lives that was lost. We really didn’t know what to do because fear was everywhere.  I see that fear here today and again we have to come together and pray for America, pray for our neighbors, pray for those put in charge of America, yes for some it might be very hard, but we need those that are believers to pray, pray, pray.

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