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A message taken from some of our millennial generation, parent please read the message compiled from the heart and soul of some of our youth.

A need from us!  We are the children we want and need to be the children.  You are my parent, whether together or separated, you birth us into this world unfortunately it’s a world that is spinning in Time.  I need you my parent, my trainer to help me slow the time down so we can enjoy each other.  I know, I know you work hard, you go here and you go there, life maybe have taken its toll on you, but I am still here and I need your guidance.

The cell phone, my tablet you brought for me, don’t get me wrong it’s all good, but it’s not you, my trainer, my parents, I need you.  Just as drugs and Alcohol one can get addicted, its sad to say but I’m addicted to something that can’t hug me, it doesn’t kiss me and tell me “I love you”. maybe you haven’t noticed because you are too busy with so many other things.  I need you to limit my time I need to learn how to socialize, don’t be concern if I act up, please don’t listen to me I’m your child addicted and really don’t understand what’s really happening and how it’s going to affect my life.

There are so many wrong doors available to me, you wouldn’t allow a stranger an evil person to take me by the hand and lead me into destruction, but yet it has happened to me with this technology gadget where I can be in my bedroom, bathroom even sitting next to you doing what I know is wrong and you’re so caught up during your own thing.

It’s not too late, be strong be ready to sit down with me and teach me about the good and the bad, regardless of how I respond, take authority, I like for us to communicate tell each other we are sorry.  Tell me that you will train me up in the way I should be going so I can make it in this spinning world as I grow older.

I hear too much, I see too much, why am I included so much of Adult matters, please help me to be a child!  Please teach me God’s ways!  I am your child and I love you so very much, it’s never too late, it’s always time for all of us to start over again.  I am a child crying out for my father, my mother my grandparents to help me.

I know you’re not perfect but you are the light in my light, the book that I read daily, God blessed me with you. I love you, I need you to help me to know everything that will help me as I grow up, help me to know the truth.

This article reflects the cry of many youth, we know that there are many parents, single or not are doing a great job with their children.  Teaching and making sure they have a balance life.  This article we hope will be an eye opener for some parents.

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